A group of interested golfers established the Bloomington Golf Club in 1896 after sinking tomato cans in Lillard's meadow, which is now the site of Bloomington High School.
It was a bold move on the part of the founders.  Bloomington was in the forefront among golf clubs chartered in that era.  St. Andrews Golf Club of Yonkers, NY, is the oldest continuously existing golf club in the United States, was established in 1888.
In the spring of 1897 the group decided to move south to Houghton's Lake, which is now the site of State Farm Park.  Hitching up the horses to their clapboard clubhouse, they moved it to the new location where they established themselves and laid out a lakeside golf course.  The Bloomington Golf Club thrived in this location over the next five years with members golfing, socializing and inviting new members.
In 1902, the members approached George Perrin Davis about his property, "Bellemont", which was just across the road from Lillard's Meadow.  Bellemont had been built in 1869 and named after his daughter, Mary Belle Henry.  The Davis' had moved and were willing to lease the house and the 52 acres south and east of the home to the Golf Club.  The horses once again were hitched to the old clapboard clubhouse and it was dragged north to its new location.  The Club leased Bellemont and moved in during March of 1903.
The spacious residence was converted into a clubhouse and a nine hole golf course later was laid out on the estate.  Bellemont gave the Club a permanent home with the space needed to develop a quality golf course and a place to get together with other members.
In 1902, members Henry D. Spencer, John J. Pitts and Edward M. Hoblit petitioned the State of Illinois to form a corporation to be called the Bloomington Country Club.  The charter was signed on April 23, 1902 and Bloomington Country Club became one of the oldest chartered country clubs in the state outside of Chicago.
Fire destroyed "Bellemont" in 1929 taking down the historic landmark in a mater of minutes.  The building was fully insured, but the loss was much more than financial.  Bellemont had been home to the club for 29 years.  A week long $100,000 expansion drive was held in the autumn of 1929.  The goal was to supplement the insurance settlement from the fire and finance a new club house and swimming pool  Although the additional nine holes wouldn't be added until 1941, the club was already making plans.  Members were canvassed and the needed funds were raised in just one week.  The new Clubhouse was dedicated in October 1930, with a formal dinner and dance.
Negotiations for the sale of 52.5 acres of adjacent land began in August of 1940 to build an additional nine holes and was completed and dedicated August 29, 1941.  Golf was the motivating force behind the foundation of Bloomington Country Club and it has been a continuously growing sport during the decades that have followed.  Bloomington Country Club is proud to have hosted the Illinois State Men's Amateur Championship a record nine times (1943, 1953, 1975, 1983, 1991, 1997, 2009, 2018 & 2023), the Illinois Open in 1980 and the Illinois State Women's State Amateur Championship five times (1944, 1957, 1972, 1977 & 1989).
Over the years, entertainment and dining at the Bloomington Country Club has been excellent and solidified our club as the place to celebrate traditional family events:  children's weddings, Mother's Day, 4th of July fireworks, dining on the Terrace and formal dinner/dances, to name a few.  Generations of friendships and family traditions are the foundation for the success of the 125+ year old Club.
Membership at Bloomington Country Club is more than just being a member. . . it's a feeling of being part of a culture that appreciates the opportunity to enhance and enrich members' lives.

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A multitude of activities are conveniently planned for spending weekends and holidays at the Club. We place a priority on offering members luxurious surroundings with the best in cuisine and life's pleasures.


Best described as a traditional-style golf course with rolling meadows, mature tree-lined fairways, creeks and ponds: BCC's 18-hole golf course provides as many challenges as the golfer desires.

Dining & Events

An award-winning culinary and service staff and an outstanding wine list make the Club's multiple dining and banquet venues the ideal place to host a special family occasion, or entertain friends and business associates..